Carex Health Brands take pride for leading in-home, self-care, and medical products industry for over 35 years now. The mission and vision of making high-quality health and wellness products accessible to one and all has led us to innovate, design and produce a wide collection of products including mobility aids, bath safety equipment, pain management devices, and more under several brands. 

Some of the major brands include Carex, Accurelief, Bed Buddy, Theramed, Probasics, Apex, Roscoe Medical, TENS 7000 and more to provide a go-to solution to all individual and heath care facilities and rehab centres.  

The innovative and well thought designs of Carex Health Brands products are aimed at providing medical supply products for home use for people recuperating from operations and surgeries, people who have lost mobility or functionality due to some undue instances and others who may need assistance with performing daily living chores. Serving a wide variety of medical needs, Carex continues to offer products that improve safety in bathrooms, increase mobility, enhance personal care, improve daily living and provide pain relief through hot and cold therapy. 

Mobility products include scooters, rollators, walkers, canes, transport chairs, lifting seats and wheelchairs that make mobility easy and affordable for the impaired ones. 

Bath safety is all covered by safety rails, grab bars, bath mats, shower seats, commodes, hand held shower sprays, raised toilet seats and more to ensure that individuals and patients are not injured while bathing and stay safe, secured and healthy. 

Pain management is all about hot and cold therapy, back braces, pain relief gels, TENS units that help relieve and ease the pain and help recuperate from injuries. 

Sleep therapy include CPAP machines, Sleep pillows, weighted blankets and lot more that help fight and eliminate sleep apnea and ensure peaceful sleep. 

Homecare products from Carex Health Brands include Daily Living accessories, overbed tables, medication aids, pillows and cushions, light therapy for skincare, cast protectors, pill organizers, pedal exercisers, face masks, PPE kits and much more. 

Where can I buy Carex Health Brands supplies online? 

Health Products For You is a one-stop shop to buy all your health and medical need items from Carex Health Brands at much affordable prices.   

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