Brownmed was established by physician and surgeon Ivan E. Brown in 1965. They manufacture and sell more than 130 different products for a global market. IMAK is a brand of Brownmed that manufactures compression products that help people with arthritis live a better life.  

IMAK compression products can be worn all day long and have been awarded with the ease-of-use commendation by the arthritis foundation. Their products provide gentle compression for natural pain and inflammation relief.  

They are designed specifically to reduce swelling and inflammation and improve circulation while providing warmth to the affected area.  

IMAK products are highly recommended for relieving arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, overuse, and more.

Brownmed Product Range at HPFY

Brownmed manufactures orthopedic products for all body parts, including foot, knee, calf, wrists, arms, back, shoulder, head, and neck. These products are designed to keep in need your activity levels whether you are a fitness enthusiast, runner, swimmer, or just need a splint for pain relief while you sleep. Some of the popular BrownMed products include:

Where to buy Brownmed Medical Products Online?

Health Products for You is an authorized retailer of products from Brownmed. These products have a solid medical foundation and a new product design that starts with patient comfort in mind. BrownMed sells its high-quality products under various brands like IMAK, Sealed Ice, SealTight, Nice Stretch, Steady Step, Pil-O-Splint, and Smart Glove.

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