Mastectomy Sports Bras | Comfortable High Impact Bra for Sports

Stay active and sporty with this range of mastectomy bras which are designed specially for those who enjoy being involved in rigorous activity! This combination of mastectomy and sports bras which are sturdier than normal bras can be worn while in the gym, playing tennis or running, they allow you to indulge in low-to-high impact exercises carefree, keeping the prosthesis firmly in place. Check out our wide variety of mastectomy sports bras from the renowned brands like Anita, LuisaLuisa, Wearease and many more!

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How to find the right Mastectomy Sports Bra?

A good sports bra should:
  • Provide support and comfort during strong physical activity
  • Allow for good air circulation and sweat evaporation 
  • Minimize chafing 
  • Ample Armholes 
  • Wide non-elastic shoulder straps 
  • Proper seam placement

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