Moisture Wicking Clothing

Moisture wicking clothes have a tendency to pull up all the moisture from the body to the surface of the shirt to let it evaporate from there quickly. Thus helping the body to keep cool and perspiration free. Moisture wicking clothing are a must-have for women going through menopause. Relief from hot flashes and night sweats can be sought from especially-designed clothes for menopause. We have quite an assortment of these. They include menopause wicking gowns in attractive colors and high-quality fabric. Our stylish and trendy menopause robes and sleepwear are a must try! Choose from our selection and experience comfort in style. All our products are from best manufacturers like Cool-Jams, Haralee and many more. We stand by our quality and have ensured competitive pricing!

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How Does Sleepwear For Menopause Work?

  • Moisture wicking sleepwear is woven to pull moisture away from the body and spread it out to dry more quickly.
  • Each molecule of this menopause clothing draws moisture away from the adjacent molecules, thereby spreading the moisture over a wide surface.
  • This speeds up the process of evaporation and gives a cooling effect.
  • Many cooling nightwear also have an embedded odor-eliminating technology to curb odors.

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