Lofric is a renowned supplier of Urological products and accessories. LoFric catheters are produced by Wellspect HealthCare. They provide better options for people who self-catheterise. The wide array of products include LoFric Origo - catheter for men, LoFric Sense – catheter for women, Lofric - low-friction catheter, LoFric Primo - packaged with its own sterile water, LoFric Hydro-Kit - all-in-one catheter system – it includes the catheter with water and an integrated urine collection bag, LoFric Plus - made of a softer and more pliable plastic material, LoFric Dila-Cath - for treatment of recurrent urethral strictures, LoFric Insti-Cath - used to administer pharmaceuticals directly into the bladder, Stoma Catheters - for patients with continent ileostomy, LoFric facts - hydrophilic catheters and various other accessories.
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