Harris Communications is a leading manufacturer of thousands of assistive products for consumer, business and educational use, which include hearing loss solutions, signalling systems, and vibrating/flashing/extra-loud alarm clocks. Some of the most remarkable communication technologies and cutting-edge innovations have been developed by Harris Communications. The company's product line includes photo phones, vibrating alarm clocks and loud amplified telephones to books and DVDs on sign language and improving interpreting skills.   

Hearing problems are a common issue in the United States. There are many devices that can help people who have trouble hearing. These include Hearing and Listening Aids like small devices that make sounds louder, special phones with captions, machines that play soothing sounds, and more. These tools are designed to make life easier for people who are deaf or have difficulty hearing. There are some of the most reliable signalling systems for common household alerts including doorbells, smoke and CO alarms, hazardous weather, phone calls and app alerts, kitchen timers, and baby cries. 

Some of the Harris Communications products include: 

Amplifiers - can help you not miss a word anywhere, anytime! Choose from a wide range of everyday use products for situations like watching television to talking over a table in a restaurant to attending a class or sermon. 

Phones – There are some unique phones made specifically for deaf and hard-of-hearing people that use amplification, captioning, and ring signalers to provide seamless communication with all the functionality of a traditional landline phone. 

Harris Communications alarm clocks, watches, and timers - help even deep sleepers with hearing loss wake up on time. These come with extra-loud alarms, vibrations, flashes, and strobes, which help you overcome the problem of oversleeping. Harris Communications flashing lights, loud alarms with vibration are used by people who want to be alerted to specific events around the home, such as phone calls, baby cries, doorbells & smoke/CO alarms.  

American Sign Language (ASL) - Being the 4th most popular language in the U.S. and the fastest-growing foreign language, Harris Communications offers products that are required to learn Sign Language for everyone, be a beginner or a seasoned interpreter. 

Where can I buy Harris Communications products online? 

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