Alex Orthopedic Offset Adjustable Aluminum Cane

Alex Orthopedic Offset Adjustable Aluminum Cane

Brand/Manufacturer: ALEX ORTHOPEDIC
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  • FSA Approved

Item MP-21005, MP-21031, MP-21032 is backorder and will be available to purchase once it is back in stock.

Alex Orthopedic Offset Adjustable Aluminum Cane has a hypalon grip for a soft, secure hold. Exclusive safety locking silencer provides shock absorption while reducing annoying noise. Simple push button height adjustment alters cane height for a comfortable, personalized fit.


  • Alex Orthopedic Offset Adjustable Aluminum Cane comes with wrist strap which allows user to let go without having to find a place to prop the cane
  • Height adjusts: 31" to 40" in 1" increments
  • Rubber tip: 18mm
  • Weight capacity: 250lb

More Information

  • Determine the proper size:
    - With regular walking shoes on, place the handle of the cane on the ground on the opposite side of your weak or injured side.
    - Stand comfortably, if the rubber tip does not touch the middle crease on the inside of your wrist, your cane needs sizing.
  • How to size:
    It takes 2 people to fit a cane.
    - The user should be wearing their usual walking shoes and standing as naturally upright as possible.
    - Their arms should hang at their sides with a normal bend at the elbow.
    - The non-cane user places the cane with the handle on the ground, opposite the side of the injured or weaker leg.
    - The user stands with the palm facing the cane.
    - The correct adjustment is the hole closet to the crease in the middle of the wrist.
  • How to adjust the height:
    - There are 10 adjusting positions.
    - Loosen the Secure Lock Screw on the portion of the shaft.
    - Depress the adjusting button and turn the bottom section of the shaft, lengthening or shortening to the desired height by sliding the shaft up or down.
    - Twist the shaft to allow the adjusting button to pop out into the adjustment hole.
    - Make sure the adjusting button pops completely out to insure maximum stability.
    - A clicking sound will occur when the adjustment button is completely engaged.
    - Tighten the secure lock screw.
  • How to walk with your cane:
    - The cane is placed in the opposite hand opposite of the injured or weak leg.
    - The cane moves with the weak/injured side.
    - Stand normally with cane tip meeting the floor flatly. Hold the top of the handle. (If using an offset cane, slip the hand through the wrist strap.) Hold handle securely.
    - Move the cane foot first, taking one step directly in front of the body.
    - Move the cane and weaker foot at the same time, taking one step.
    - Continue in this manner, taking short smooth steps to insure balance.

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